Increased crash rate with In flight Operations?

Hi, fellow fliers!

There has been a well documented increase in app crashes for infinite flight 19.4.

I have done all the things that the support threads about this issue say.

My device has still been crashing, but only when I run In Flight Operations.

My question (since my device has kept crashing, but only when I use In flight operations) is wether In flight operations increases crashes, and how I could avoid the In-flight operations related crashes.

This is not a support thing. It is about the third party app.

Sorry if that sounded harsh. I needed to make that clear :)



What’s your device and software? In flight operations takes up extra memory so if your device is already old it might increase your crash rate.

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If you’re on an apple device probably because of 19.4 with 13.3 App keep crashing after 19.4 update

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I’m running 13.3 right now, and I run IF-A, IF-O, and Infinite Pax at the same time with no problems. All my graphics are set to the highest possible (although I keep limit frames on), and I only turn them down turning cruise. It’s most likely his device.

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Sorry only mods and others with knowledge of it can help because It is not related with IF but great work @KennedyTurner @Alphadog4646 @8SmartFlying


I also found that the one time I decided to use the application Infinite Flight crashed after 45 minutes, I usually can fly longer but with it open it seemed to increase to possibly. I’m thinking it’s using up more RAM than we think it would.

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