“Increased contrast” mode

Hello. I wasn’t sure if I should have put this in #features because it doesn’t relate to the Aircraft or world, it is an accessibility feature. Please let me know if I should move this.

I am colorblind. I can’t see certain shades of red, and greens and blue look different. In Infinite flight, their are many of these colors. Especially in the runways. For example

See the circled runway? I can’t see the number overlaying the runway. I don’t know if everyone else can’t, but I certainly can’t. I know theirs a 2 and an R, but I can’t see the number in the middle. I am proposing we add a “high contrast” or a colorblindness Mode so that people who are colorblind can see these numbers more easily. I’m surprised we don’t have this as 1/12 men and 1/200 women are colorblind, so I think we need this for the sim. Thanks for reading this.

Edit: thanks Ethan :)

It is tough I agree

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I think that’s due to the opacity of the letters, not the color. (I’m also red green colorblind) Not discounting your issue, but I prefer the fixes to be more prevalent rather then the runway numbers personally because I can just look up a runway diagram of KORD and get the runway numbers.


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