Increased Aircraft Count on Live Servers

Yes, thank you for explaining it much better than I could’ve 😅

Ha ha yup. Understand the confusion. Sorry about that.

Ha ha thank you

I do too! I really hope that people will recognize how much this would change the environment of the live servers.


I do completely agree, and with certain devices, this will happen. I do believe that users should still have the option (much like we do now) to limit the number of aircraft shown. However, with recent development in technology of both Infinite Flight, and the devices themselves, I think we are starting to see the possibility for many users.

And Jason literally said on the livestream that in the dev version you can increase the number of visible planes a lot

Now this feature just needs to be available to us

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Perhaps some dedicated lower polygon aircraft models for the multiplayer aircraft would help this along. If I had to choose between 3d buildings and seeing more planes, I’ll take more planes any day.

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Now this is not something I knew… so clearly we know it’s possible.

Well, especially if the aircraft is far away. Like if the aircraft is on the opposite side of the airport, I most definitely do not need a high polygon rendering. Only when the plane got closer, then the better rendering would appear. Something along those lines would likely help a lot. Thank you for your input!