Increased Aircraft Count on Live Servers

Hello Infinite Flight Community!,

I come before you today, to address Infinite Flight’s current airplane count. Infinite Flight’s airplane count has not been touched on in quite a while, and with the recent evolution of IF’s capabilities, I think it is time to revisit this issue.

What is This Feature Request For?

I am writing this feature request, to improve IF’s multiplayer airplane count, and make more airplanes visible, especially at busy airports.

What is “the issue”?

Well, the issue is this: Infinite Flight’s live airplane count is lacking. Even on the highest airplane count setting, only 5-6 other aircraft are ever visible. This severely limits the aesthetic of a hub or FNF airport. There are times where you may be waiting in line for departure, and can’t even see the plane landing, despite being right next to the runway. Being unable to see landing traffic severely limits the multiplayer experience. You should not need to play with username tags on, to be able to see landing traffic. I like to keep username tags off to keep things realistic when in cockpit view, but this isn’t always possible when at a busy airport. This problem severely limits the gameplay experience at busy airports, as it doesn’t feel as busy as it really is.

The problem extends beyond piloting, but to ATC too. As an IFATC specialist, I’ve found it incredibly difficult at times to control Tower and or Ground frequencies. Being unable to see aircraft makes judging distance hard, and takes away from an otherwise realistic experience.

I’ve even noticed that almost no posts on Infinite Flight’s social media pages, or any community members’ photos in #screenshots-and-videos are taken from a hub airport, because it’s impossible to even view the traffic.

“But it’s a mobile game”

True, Infinite Flight is a mobile game. However, over the last year or so, the devs have been incredibly hard at work increasing the capabilities of IF’s software. If just two years ago, someone would’ve told me that we’d have buildings in 2021, I would’ve called them crazy. And yet here we are, using a mobile sim with 3D buildings already in Beta testing.

Over the last couple of years, an incredible amount of work has been done to improve the simulator. With all of these improvements, I really hope airplane count hasn’t been disregarded by my fellow community members. The maximum number of visible aircraft hasn’t changed at all (as far as I am aware) since the release of global, many years ago.


I truly think that Infinite Flight now has the capability to show more visible aircraft. I’m not asking to see all 100 aircraft in FNF airspace. Just enough to bring the multiplayer experience up to date, and to improve the player experience.

Please let me know if you agree, or have any criticism about this idea. I clearly am not a developer, but as a consumer, I feel as though it may finally be possible, and time to increase live airplane count on multiplayer.

This topic is moderator approved. Despite being a duplicate, the post linked below is inactive, and is not updated to reflect IF’s recent improvement of technology.


What a well-written feature request! I’ve noticed this as an issue for quite some time and I feel like increasing live capabilities would definitely be a great accompaniment to the new terminal buildings being rolled out. I have all my graphics and plane count at the highest settings and my framerate never drops.


Agreed - especially with the upcoming 3D buildings we need to be able to see more aircraft - I see far too many occurrences of people taxiing into others because their airplane count is set too low.

I know its potentially an issue of performance, and I’m sure the OP understands that - but I feel like we should be able to see at least maybe 20 aircraft at once rather than just 5 or 6.

Also when say you are waiting in line for the runway you often can’t see someone landing until they are maybe 200ft AGL and less than 1 mile from the runway - yes I know we have the map but it’s seems we should be able to see them from at least 5 miles out.


Very good text and absolutely understandable. Smartphones and tablets are much more powerful these days and for users of new devices, there should be such an option. In addition, it is voluntary, that means that if you have performance problems, you can simply turn it down a bit. A higher range of visible aircraft would make a big difference, and especially with the 3D buildings, it would be really good if the range was increased. You have my voice!


Tbh what your asking for is more of a demand than a feature request, no offence or anything.

The only way that you’ll see more players on here is by improving rules and guidelines on expert and training server, as you know there are deliberate incidents happening, there’s no way to report it and ruins the overall experience for you. So that’s why your seeing not much people active and seeing people leaving.

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Exactly. I definitely feel as though there’s room to make improvements. There should still be an option to limit the airplane count for older devices.

Precisely. It’s exact thing happened to me just a few days ago.

Thank you!

I’m a little confused as to what you are saying… could you elaborate please?


What part you confused about?

Hmmm… i would love this idea but the only thing that this topic might NOT make it to the simulator is


This request is about how many aircraft are displayed not about how many people are on servers.

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Still the same thing when you think about it.

Aircraft = Users online

Not really, it’s not about getting more players on the server because if Infinite Flight didn’t have enough players, we wouldn’t need this feature

We want this feature because there are often so many players at an airport, but you can only see 2% of them.

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Even if 90% of the devices are lagging (which no one can prove (that’s why it’s so important that Infinite Flight at least give it a try)), why not add this feature for the other 10% (which is also a good “investment” for the future)?

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Technically what is being implied here is to get more players on their servers and yes there aren’t enough players on here and is lacking. Tbh this is more of demand than feature.

Can you clarify what your trying say here because I don’t understand.

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As in most of the aircraft visible on the map are just white squares in the exterior views - whats he asking is for us to be able to see more of the planes rather than just white squares.

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Ah ok thxs for the clarification bro! Ok that I do agree needs to be changed but sadly can’t vote since out of votes.


Mate you might want to change the title cause it’s kinda confusing topic and definitely got me confused. 😅

You should change to Select Airport Map Increased Aircraft on Live Servers

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Good evening everyone, I have come to read this beautiful request and it is very interesting. I also noticed, that the IF team had to make choices of features that no longer currently exist as your request because according to my recollectionin the old version of IF before the Global, there was no problem on the number of aircraft which quickly displayed take-off and landing and the mini map which displayed the reliefs with their heights.

I miss it all, hope they put them back


Yes, you have misunderstood something. But now you know what I mean. :)
Let’s hope more people will vote for this feature.


This is a really good feature, an increase in aircraft count will make multiplayer even better and it will be amazing with the airport buildings!