Increase time between landings

In the current system, a pilot can land as often as once every thirty seconds. This essentially means that the most efficient way to increase landing count is to do 180 turns. So the fastest way to get to higher grades is actually flying in a way that would get you a violation for acrobatics on ES/TS. A close second is CAK3-CZBB. Both airports do not have spawns, and it takes less than a minute to fly between them. So forcing the landing count to be on training would not work.

I am proposing to increase this half-a-minute limit to the usual time it takes to fly a traffic pattern/circuit. A good time would be between 3-5 minutes, not too long, so that a fast pattern still registers.

Just to check I understand, you’re saying if the time airborne required between landings is increased, pilots will have to fly a proper pattern on the casual server?

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What you might have just done is given poeple ideas on how to sufficiently grade up quick, try to phrase it a little different and people might not so often get the gist.

But you do have my vote, but maybe increase the time on each server, so par example

casual server - 30 seconds
training server - 1 minute
expert server - introduce a system that disallows people to bump up and down the runway, and only to allow either a landing from another airport a certain distance away, or from pattern work.

although it seems like a good idea, probably would be a little difficult.

You must be flying in an airport with an odd runway layout then. KEDW eliminates this instantly since it has runways in every direction.

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No what he means is for example takeoff tunway 09, land on runway 27.

If you’re doing patterns, you’re most likely to land in the same runway you took off from… If you’re grinding landings, a single runway airport is probably not your go-to.

I know… I don’t do that. I think what the OP is saying is it shouldn’t’’t be possible to do that.

Why would varying the time allocations based on the server make sense? People who can fly on the expert server would just go to the casual server to grind landings.

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I am not sure if I like this feature, the current 30 seconds is more than enough. What is wrong with it?

New users usually follow higher grades as examples, but the fastest way to get a higher grade is to fly unprofessionally (on CS of course). A longer time between landings will fix this

You can actually even go to the longest runways and do multiple landings on it with a XCub lol

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Ahhh Iv always thought it was a you must gain x amount of height between take off and landing to make it count not a time. Area 51 is a good spot with the super cub to do quick circuits

But this would also mean, grade 5 would be like impossible to reach and maintain

I would recommend KEDW (it has a endless long runway and also like 10 so if you reach the end you can easily land in another while turning around)

That is a good thing.

I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. If you land two touchdowns (like crosswind videos) in one attempt, on’y one landing will take into account


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you need 30 seconds spacing in between