Increase the limit of photos in the “screen shots and videos” category

I feel like the Infinite Flight Community should ease the restriction on the maximum number of photos in the “screenshots and videos” category to at least 15 max!

If you are doing a big flight and want to capture most moments of the flight.
Say your doing a project sunrise flight and you want to capture let’s say… taxiing to the runway, departure, views of Australia, Indian Ocean, The Himalayas, The Alps, descent, landing then taxiing to the gate. You simply won’t have enough space for all the excellent views of the world!

If people are putting photos that are very similar to each other or that are unnecessary such as a plain picture of you at the gate, then the topic has a good reason to have less then 10 photos.

Tell me what you think.


I didn’t finish the topic I accidentally posted it don’t start nothing!

Keep in mind that we only have a certain amount of storage, and that storage costs $$$…

The rule is mainly so that 15, 20, 30 photos in every thread don’t eat up our storage and cost IF more money.


Also adding on to what @Thunderbolt said, we want to keep the quality of these topics up. If you limit the number of screenshots/photos allowed then the poster has to pick the best ones.

If we allowed 15 or 20 then you could have random photos that aren’t the best of the bunch added in.


Oh I never knew that. 😅

Yes It Is About The Storage, @Thunderbolt.
But Also, More That 10 Photos, It Can Attract… less attention. I do not think that people want to look at all 15-20 photos people have. Tell Me If I Am Wrong ;)

-Julian K

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Storage is one reason.

But also I like the challenge of having to edit your post down to a fine art rather than en-masse photos. Makes for more of an interesting story too.

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Also remember that photos are not on a grid - all of them usually make up 100% of the post’s width, so it will be a lot of scrolling

Not necessarily, you can control the size of the image under the preview of your post before you post it by clicking or pressing 100% for full size, 75% for 3/4ths size, or 50% for half the size of the full image. That would tone down the length of the post. And the main problem with changing it is storage, as that is very limited here. It makes sense why #features, #real-world-aviation:spotting, and #screenshots-and-videos have image limits.

While I would really like and want to see an increase in maximum photos per topic, I do not see it being practical for the forum.

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From a viewing perspective, 15 photo ls might be ok but that’s on the longer side of things. If you go much longer than that you’ll start to have people skipping over photos. Plus, on of the ideas behind the 10 photo limit is that you select your best 10 scenes from you flight. This might mean sacrificing a taxing shot for scenery, that’s your choice but it helps keep the quality high.

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From the perspective of a screenshotter, I actually quite like the limit because it increases the quality of my topics. Often times I take more than 10, and I have to narrow it down to only the best ones. So while it may be nice to have more, there’s always an advantage for everyone about any way in my view!

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