Increase in the number of trusted ‘reporters‘

There’ll always be the people that will have the education but doesn’t mean that they will follow the rules

I think this is a really good idea but as usual IF don’t give me many votes 😢😭


Many IFATC users fly around. I’m not sure if they can ghost users while flying. The whole idea of this feature is to increase the level of accountability by increasing the number of users able to ghost others.

The Expert Server is the way it is because people disregard accountability when ATC is absent due to little to no consequences. It says in the IF homepage that the Expert Server is for serious users and no algorithm to do with grades would enforce that, it’s up to us, as the Expert Server pilots to ensure that sanity prevails in the Expert Server. This request would go a long way in doing that.

This right here is one of the main reasons for this request. Well said Tyler!

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I would be worried that people would act like they have a bigger voice in the community because they have access to this. Another thing, I know if you were to false report too much you get kicked out but even if there’s a system people are going to do it. Which would lead to many live complaint topics. We already have a lot of those topics.

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Systems would be created. Similar to the IFATC reporting system, where a ghosting would be scrutinised afterwards.

It is against the terms and conditions to make a new IFC account, Intgink. I mean, not that trolls read or care about boring legal stuff but yeah.

ya if they cared about rules they wouldn’t be trolling on ES in the first place… lmao

You got my vote, we need this in IF

Basically all regulars on the IFC could have reporting privileges, but they might get too like greedy. But I don’t think this is necessary because:

  1. since this is summer vacation for most people and coved has them locked up in their homes, more people are playing IF making the expert server more full
  2. Mods and staff have reporting privileges same with IFATC and that is plenty

I dont think being a regular means that you are competent enough to report people


Like balloonchaser said above, if this were to happen chances are half the pilots in the expert server would have this ability. The moderators would have an excessive work load to have to track each individuals reports everyday. The IFATC Team isn’t going to ghost any pilot without a reason. But in the case where you think you did no wrong, you can always appeal.

It is not about giving everyone the use of this feature. The requirements are stringent in itself deterring misuse of the feature while ensuring only the most proficient of users are given the go-ahead to use this feature.

This would enable more erratic users to be held accountable while preventing trolling. Obviously, the penalties on false ghosts could always be reviewed with more input from the rest of the community. I’d classify it as a WIP 😄

I disagree because my grade 5 went to grade 3 cause of the update and i am also an IFATC (there are grade 3’s who can be verified too in my opinion)

I wrote above that the qualified users are Grade 3+ meaning you should be at least grade 3.

on top, The requirements say grade 4+, that’s why i was wondering

Sorry about that. Might have edited it accidentally. All is well.

No problem! Nice post by the way :)

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Actually, I’ve realized there probably need to be a rule against traps (ie. setting up a situation in order to get someone to commit an offense, eg. intentionally slowing down on approach so aircraft behind runs into you)

Seems like a good idea. But in my opinion if people knew /followed rules then this shouldn’t have to exist. Don’t have a votes but I say yes.


The only thing I don’t agree with is the false reports section. If someone makes two false reports, I’d say come back next year. Four and it’s permanent. We just can’t have “false reports” on the expert server. This group of trusted reports would have to be relatively small, so there would be no room for a bunch of false reports.