Increase in Flagged Posts

Once again, flags are for poles, not for members leaving the community!

I’m wondering why people becoming inactive have decided to flag all their posts to remove them off the community? How about just deleting them instead? Big deal if the world sees it when you’re gone. Plus it clogs up the screen and doesn’t look great. Would the solution below work?


Deleting means it will be gone forever so if it’s good info leave it.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Why can’t you?

Do you mean these types?

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Listen, you guys misunderstand the flagging system. If someone flags something, it’s not going to be hidden. It takes 5 users to hide a post, so unless the flag has been confirmed by one of us then you would never had known it was flagged. Only when it is confirmed, it is hidden.

Discourse has since updated and in certain cases all of someone’s posts can become hidden or unlisted. Not quite sure of this yet, but think of it as a new beginning:)


That was my idea! I’m famous now!

Yes that’s it. @Potato_pilot what do you mean?

In what? It’s a good idea don’t you think?

To flag your posts when you leave so it looks bad and clogs up all the threads? I don’t really think so…

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This is why I’m not regular :)

Oh, not that. That’s a bad idea. I was talking about my deleting posts instantly.

That sounds good. Better than flagging every single one of your posts when you leave. Is that here yet?


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