Increase in 767-300F production

When Boeing makes a new aircraft it most likely will be called the 797 right? (If they stick to the pattern.)

Yes, though that has nothing to do with the 787

I mean if Boeing makes a new plane called the 797, then would you still call the 787-9 the 797?🤔

The 787-9 was never called the 797…

787-9 is a variant of the existing 787. There are 3 variants, 787-8, 787-9, 787-10

Just this. I am confused and a bit curious. Sorry if I am bothering you. @UpgradeMe

When Matthew said this he meant to say 787-9, the 797 does not exist as of today, The 787-9 exists as of today, ANZ has them in their fleet.

Never knew 1 typo could start such as discussion 😂 fixed it.

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No need to panic. I knew you were meaning the 789. 😉

The 797 will be a different plane?

Well I just mean, we have the: 707,717,727,737,747,757,767,777,787,&?
So I am just assuming if Boeing makes a new plane, and use the same 7#7 order, the only one left to use is a 797.🤔

Ah didn’t know they didn’t use them on trans con! Thanks for informing me! But I think United uses there 767’s very wisely on routes!

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