Increase in 767-300F production

It appears that, due to popular demand, Boeing may increase production of the 767-300F. Both FedEx and UPS appear interested in keeping the type in their fleets. Maybe Boeing is making them available at considerable savings over the 777-200F. The attached article is from


It would be realy awesome to see these old birds get a new live!😀


Wooo the 767 lives on

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Long live the 767!



I could easily see the 767 getting more orders than the 777. The 767 is great for intercontinental flights AND international flights. It also isn’t enormously large, but it isn’t super small either. I think it’s the reason DHL, Prime Air, Atlas, UPS, and other Cargo airlines have them in their fleet.


It’s weird thinking of a 767 younger then a 787


I’ve got a friend while flies these for FDX as an FO. Says there sweet birds. Shame he’s going to be a 757 Captain soon

I feel like the 767 is the most under rated aircraft. It can go such a far distance but I don’t feel it’s used by airlines to its full potential… I wouldn’t be shocked if it gets more orders than the 777 even! I know it’s a long shot but you never know!


I really like it for cargo but not for passenger aircraft as much.

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In general the 767 is a really good aircraft all round, it can be used in almost any type of flight passenger or cargo. United uses there 767’s on some trans cons but mainly on Hawaii and trans Atlantic Routes. I think cargo airlines are seeing how useful it can be for any type of flight, plus it’s smaller and probably easier to maintain than a 777 would be. Honestly it doesn’t surprise me that there is an increase in 767F production!

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It’s days as a passenger aircraft are over, despite it not having a proper replacement. The 797 is supposed to be a true replacement, and hopefully Boeing will make a 797F to replace these guys. Hopefully, it will be able to truly replace it.

Cough 787 Cough cough

The 787 is a bit big and waay too long range to replace the 767.

air nz 787-9 replaced there 767-300ER and air nz operate them on many 3-4 hour flights.

Yeah I saw they did this a while back. I mean the more efficient plane, why not? More money to pay but you can manage profits more easier with a efficient plane. (Speaking of the 787, not to confuse anyone haha)

Wait What? 797? 🤔 …

Yea United pretty much exclusively uses 767’s on their TATL flights out of EWR with the exception of a few 752’s to UK/Northern Ireland and 772’s to DUB.

767’s aren’t really used on transcons though. Just did a quick google flights search for EWR-LAX and 10 out of the 11 United flights for the day were on the 757 and the 11th flight was on a 777.

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Matthew means 787-9 :)

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What will the 787-9 be when Boeing makes a 797?

What do you mean? The 787-9 will stay as the 787-9