Increase Grade 3 requirements

Hi there, just a quick one, will probably get closed.

I think many of you will agree that G3 has become too easily accessible through the landing and XP “glitches” and the standard of expert server has gone down. (See photos from 2 minutes ago).

What can be done to redeem this to the old standards?


Hey, i can understand why you feel this way. i do have some unfortunate news though, until a staff member announces more changes to grade requirements, they will stay as they are. very recently in the past (i cant remember exactly when) the grade requirements were changed, G3,4&5 all got increased a little.

Also as i say in many VA’s and VO’s, Grade does not tell you how good a pilot is, it just tells you whether someone has taken the time to grind the requirements for that grade, i know some Grade 1’s that are better then Grade 5’s.

Hope this answers any further questions you may have.

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This is a very valid point

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Agreed! I was landing into Denver from LAX the other day and a guy in a 737-700 was doing touch and goes using the wrong runway.

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Fully agree with this, from my time playing this game and at SVA I can tell you that normally people who are “unprofessional” on ES are not unprofessional because they are lacking control over their aircraft (which is the only thing increasing grade standards would help with). They are unprofessional because they are too lazy to or just refuse to do things the right way. It’s frustrating, but if someone wants to be unprofessional you can’t force them to not no matter how much flight time they have (without ATC).


Yeah I agree. Sometimes, when there are many aircraft without ATC using one runway, there is always one or two people using the opposite runway. I see this quite often in the Expert Server.


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