Incorrect "Your account is already being used on another device" When Navigating "Fly Online" Quickly

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Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

iPad Pro 2018 12.9" iOS 14.0.1


I’m checking out every livery, as well as getting the airline name, registration, and weights for my Infinite Flight SimBrief database, and for that, I want to spend the least amount of time navigating the home screen. I quickly go from end flight to “Ok”, then to the aircraft selector, tap on the next livery down, press “Ok”, then almost immediately press “Ok” again, and get prompted with the “Your account is already being used on another device” popup. I know for certain that this is untrue, and my account has nothing to do with this. Perhaps it is a failed error message?

Steps to reproduce

  • Go to the home page
  • Tap “FLY ONLINE”
  • Select either the 77W or 77F (only happens on these aircraft)
  • Spawn in
  • Wait a minute
  • Despawn
  • Quickly navigate to the aircraft selector and tap on the down arrow under the liveries to choose the next livery
  • Press “Ok” twice, without stopping in between (max 2 seconds between each pressing of “OK”)

Expected results

Loading screen before spawning in appears

Actual results

A majority of the time (I’d say 7 or 8 times out of 10) I get the account used popup, and a minority of the time I spawn in uneventfully

More Information

Let me know if a video is required

It’ll say that for around 5 seconds after you finished your flight. This won’t fixed just now

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