Incorrect Winglets on CRJ-900

This is small but it’s something I wanted to point out, if you notice the winglets on the Crj 900 its incorrect as in real life there in a 25 degree angle but in infinite flight it’s the Crj 700s.

This isn’t what the winglet should look like
Photo from:
It should be in the shape of what’s in the picture.
This isn’t a huge issue again but it’s something I wanted to point out.

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First of all, welcome to the community!

Second of all, this should be in #features as there is no current CRJ rework or anything related to that in #features.

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The winglets of the CRJ-900 are modelled correctly in infinite flight

Here’s the CRJ-700 in IF.

Are you sure it has nothing to do with maybe the LR versions of the aircrafts?

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Also it’s a different point of view.

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