Incorrect Winds Issue

Hello everyone,

Lately I’ve been having a very peculiar issue. Whenever I fly, my weather seems to be very wrong and is often not based on real weather data.

For example, today, I’ve been flying KL875 from EHAM-VTBS. I am supposed to have nearly 120knts of tailwind right now over Afghanistan, however, I instead have a near 70 knot headwind. I’ve checked my statuses, and the weather has a green check mark.

I also had this occur on a previous flight. I was flying EY171 from OMAA-KLAX, and across the Arctic circle, I was supposed to have a headwind of around 40 knots. Instead, I had a headwind of around 95 knots, severely delaying my flight. I decided to end it as it was getting out of hand.

Is there any fix for this? Is this issue on my end or IF’s? Thanks for any help!

Some screenshots -

IRL weather:

IF weather:

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Can confirm a similar occurrence on my end. Weird

Yes, it’s quite annoying. Is this an issue for a developer?

I’ve only started to notice this in the last 48 hours, never before then

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Hey Aniket, I’m sure that once this topic is noticed by a moderator, staff will be informed of the issue and will check that everything is running alright on the weather data provider’s end.

As of 2315Z, staff are aware if this issue and investigating it further.

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You might be on to something… experiencing a similar thing over the English Channel currently. This could definitely be moved to #support.

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We can confirm an issue. Looking into it.


It should be getting better shortly! :)

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Or maybe not, now another issue appeared. Funday!

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Okay. Fingers crossed. Should be OK now!


I believe the winds were corrected, thank you so much!

However, i’m not sure if this issue is related to this one, but it appears that my aircraft actually crashed.

Not sure how that happened, it was perfectly fine about 10 mins ago. Could it have been from the winds changing?

Yes. It did.

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