Incorrect wind blowing.

Hello guys, I’m coming with a small problem about how the winds in my simulator are blowing. And to explain much better I will attach also print screens from my take off. So basically if the wind arrow it’s showing me that wind is blowing from the left to the right, I am supposed to keep my nose plane more in the left side right ? …In order to have my plane on the center when I take off. The problem is that my take off it’s acting like the wind is actually blowing from the right to left , not left to right how it’s showing me the arrow. Because it’s pushing my plane too much in the left compared to how little I keep my nose to the left.

So in this pictures you can see the take off from the beggining. In this case I try to keep the plane and the nose only in the center, without doing any left or right so you can understand better what I’m saying. The wind is 15 knots coming from the left to the right, exactly like it’s showing me on the screen, but the plane it’s responding like the wind it’s actually coming from the right to the left.

So in this take off, right before the rotation, to avoid my plane being pushed away from the center line, and to do a decent take off, I need to keep my nose plane to the right , even if the wind it’s actually blowing from the left to right, which is not normal. I don’t understand. What am I missing ? Am I stupid or it’s just a bug ?

The tail section is taking most part of the wind, hence making the nose turn towards the wind and not with it like the tail section does


Makes so much sense now. Perfectly understood !
Thank you again for your time.


I knew that aircraft naturally turned into the wind, but never knew the reason was so simple…

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Pretty logical when you think about it. Big, flat, vertical surface :)


For the visual people.


No engines? Might as well be a paper airplane!

No offense to glider pilots. You guys are the real deal!


I feel stupid now. :))) At least I learned one more thing today. I think you can close the topic. :))

Don’t feel stupid. I had a similar discussion with a true avgeek a few years ago (@Mats_Edvin_Aaro - lol).


Just dropping this here because it seemed that another person had a similar issue. This is just adding on to what others have already said. 😊


Oh, the memories! :D


Looks like a crosswind. Left wing into the wind and right rudder and when the plane rotates left the plane crab into the wind but keep it straight with the rudder!

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