Incorrect Virgin A330 livery

I have spent a fair amount of time flying the Virgin A330 if I noticed that the coloring of the plane is not accurate the red is the wrong tint and The fuselage which should be white looks like a light gray I tried to get the best angle and photo that I could to compare them if this is a duplicate or is in the wrong category please let me know


Infinite Flight


I believe that is just how the game renders it. I believe one of the devs or someone like @jasonrosewell would be good at explaining this.

I mean, it should be in support. But also certain colors look different in the sim because of slightly different lighting and whatnot. I think that’s just how the color displays in infinite flight

take a look at this


I don’t think this is the case as the 787 looks more correct you can clearly see the difference


The A330 is older and the red is probably more faded to be honest though

@Haribo The A330 just got a rework

As in real life, the A330 is older :)

Looks pretty grey to me

He’s on about the red

Although the a330 is more grey than IRL

Going off that logic, half the planes in IF should washed out and grey

The model that IF could have based the A330 on could have been that colour?

Suggestion: rather than speculating and guessing, because that’s what basically every answer here is, why don’t we wait for someone more qualified to answer the question?

You know, a mod or staff or someone that actually might know?


My guy… @Gabriel_f already linked a staff response to a very similar question…


What u mean

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