Incorrect Violations

I’ve been flying around the Chicago region, but suddenly I got a message saying that I am disconnecting because I am Grade 2, and that the minimum grade is 3. This isn’t possible because I was Grade 4 when I entered the server. I quit, and realised I was dropped down to Grade 2 from Grade 4 and got 5 violations. I left when my aircraft was over FL400 and I wasn’t speeding over the limit. I know it is possible for some staff to possibly check what happened so I’m wandering if that is possible. Thanks!

P.S. My display name was Reltzer.

Do you have any screenshots?

I think this is a ghost or a system ghost.

But then he wouldn’t have 5 violations. He would have zero and instead have one ghost in the grade table.

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Weird, does a system ghost show up in ghosts too?

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I believe so. Not 100% sure as I’ve never been system ghosted. ;)


Neither have i, this is weird :)

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They were all overspeeding violations. After 5 you were kicked from the server.


Thanks :) but I was flying at about FL440 at Match .84… I’m not sure how I could’ve got these violations?

Type aircraft? Let me try to reproduce.

If I can’t or find an error I’ll reverse those for you.


It was the B747-400

And some think the staff isn’t fair.


I couldn’t quite reproduce it, but I’ll mess with some different wind conditions. It’ll be a bit so I’ve removed all of the overspeeding violations from 12/23 so you can at least get back to flying.

Make sure you’re keeping the KIAS lower at those high altitudes, check the interwebs for suggested cruise altitude and M speed, and let me know if you can reproduce the violations without seeing the warnings. Cheers!


You give violations for overspeed now? Whoop whoop

Yup, if you exceed the speed limitation and go into the red tape area on the speed part of the HUD, you’ll begin receiving violations, then a server boot if you don’t slow down.

This takes a major workload off of controllers. All speed limits in the game came directly from airframe manual limits.

If you do find faulty figures and can back it with reference let us know.


Definitely should make it more realistic.

Yup, and it does! We implemented this two updates ago (B787 release). If you go to your map page and check out the aircraft speeds you’ll see a lot of realsitic cruising speeds (400-500kts GS). I love it!


I love how I didn’t notice 🙄😂🤦‍♂️ I’ve been following he rules 😂

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Thanks a lot! In case this happens again I’ll make sure to let you know :)

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I just got not one but 2 violations with no warnings… huh, wait what! I end my flight and all of a sudden it says I got 2 violations. I never got a warning. 2 violations …really wow