Incorrect use of a command.

Hey guys,

Firstly I’d just like to say sorry that you felt you had to quit and not complete your flight.

This was the situation:
@GHamsz was doing a sublime job on approach with perfect spacing. Suddenly out of nowhere you appeared on final just ahead of another aircraft who had been vectored in to position. Now this would have inevitably forced the guy behind you to make a go around through no fault of their own so rather than force that on them I issued a 360 for spacing, baring in mind, at this point you had not been cleared to land at all, once you began your manuouver I would have requested you contact approach to be correctly vectored in to TNCM. I issued a followed instruction command because you never made they 360, if you followed the instructions given you could have continued your flight.

Now I don’t know if you use an ipad or not but recently with the latest update with had issues with people split screening and multitasking which takes them off our radar, then they’ll open infinite flight back up and just pop on final disrupting everything. This may not be the case here but I ask everyone when flying on the expert server to be professional and stay in the app, even switching for a second can cause us IFATC a headache.

Anyway hope that clears it up for you and happy landings!



Hello there,

If you were cleared to land as No 1, then the instruction for a 360 was given incorrectly. If the ATC means to give a way for departures, then he/she should command you by go arround and extend the downwind, however. Otherwise, this is an ATC problem not you, as I can see.

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@GHamsz . Thank you for the technical insight on the IF Holding Procedure glitch. Hopefully a programming change is on the FDS to-do list. This explains a lot. @Dean.Gibson … Clear and concise explanation, obviously Pilot Error!
Regards, all. Max Sends

@Emarati_AD… “Go Around” “Do a 360”, sameo same old in an immediate safety of flight situation. Bottom line, Pilot get out of the way, respond expeditiously!! The Pilot failed to execute, Pilot Error! Care to discuss it meet me via PM. Max Sends


Hi Dean, thanks for responding. From my side, all was working well and I had no connection issues, unless from your side. It’s a pity I didn’t take the screenshot with commands.

I followed instructions with APP until I was handed over to you. I then called Inbound and you sequnced/cleared me to land (can’t clearly remember). So, there was a clear interaction between me and you. Hence my concerns here, otherwise, I would have followed a go-around had you given it. I’ve done that many times before. What I didn’t understand is the ‘360’ command. But then, maybe a connection issue.

As for the pilot behind me, he/she was doing about 210 kts on approaching final the last I checked. That’s why I brought him in the picture. Anyway, keep well.


I know, as I said if he already cleared to land as No 1 and no aircraft on the final as I understand he is the one on final Runway. If so, then why a command 360s was given to him?

Altitude and speed seem to me are particular accurate and no Pilot Errors!

I am not standing beside him, because he also didn’t follow the instructions given by the controller. Therefore, both were made mistakes I beleive so.

Human always made mistakes.

Thanks for your understanding :)

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There was no landing clearance.


If so then 360 was given correctly and he obviousely should follow the instruction given by the controller.


And a go around wouldn’t be the best bet either, since all departing traffic has to be stopped IF SOMEONE ACTUALLY KNEW HOW TO PROPERLY PERFORM A GO AROUND


It’s compulsory to follow ATC command no matter what happens even if it doesn’t seem logical. You only hold a pixel of what’s going on around you while the controller hold the picture.

You would be wise to always follow ATC instructions in the future and have no worry of being ghosted.


21nm out is not “on final”. The final approach segment starts at the final approach fix which is typically less than 10nm out. There is no reason that you could be given that command at that distance.

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If you read through this thread you’ll see why it’s important to discuss concerns like this in a PM. A number of people weighed in without having all the facts! The underlying cause of this situation was that the user had some kind of communication issue with the server and as a result was invisible to tower and approach (me). When he “appeared” he was in an awkward position, and needed to vacate. End of story.


OK, sweet.

Even though you are right, but I want to disagree with you there, and I’ll tell you why. There were a number of planes in front of me and I managed my speed, with the help of approach, to create space between myself and the plane in front of me. The reason for this is to avoid a 360 or a go-around. So, my expectation was to do a seamless approach and landing, so that was rightfully my expectation.

I agree, I’ll get into the habit of always noticing controllers and discuss with them directly.

Take it easy:-) Cheers.

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i understand your point however in IF you have to follow the commands no matter what even if it does not seem logical. i will explain why. it is because you do not get ghosted and if the controller is at fault then simply report to the leaders.

if ATC orders you a command which does not seem logical you must follow it no matter what … so you do not get ghosted, if the controllers command comes out as the right one to have been done, then all is well however if does not then simply report to one of the leaders of what tuck place.

what would you want more, receiving a ghost and down graded or a unsuccessful flight ?


Ok… this is a subtle point, but I think the notion that you should follow instructions to avoid a ghost isn’t the attitude I’d recommend. I’d rather think of it as follow instructions as there might be something going on you’re not aware of.

I also recommend if you’re given commands you don’t understand the reasoning for that you take a few pics to document your position, including the communications log and PM the controller asking for an explanation. I’ve had a lot of great exchanges with pilots this way. Sometimes they take something away from it, and many times I do! You’ll find a lot of very sharp aircraft people people in this simulator on both sides of the headset!


1)Follow all instructions.
2) Message the controller personally as and when able for a personalised nd better communication.
3) U didn’t mention in your post about your connection problem. It’s “just” a connection problem for u, : but for us,it changes the gameplay.
It’s easy to blame,but to sort out a misunderstanding or problem needs lot of humbleness and effort.


Ok, thank you guys, understood. [quote=“GHamsz, post:37, topic:111168”]
but I think the notion that you should follow instructions to avoid a ghost isn’t the attitude I’d recommend.

Thank you for this. Rather have a pilot willing to follow instructions than being forced to. I think that will generally improve people’s experience in IF


Maybe try… @GuitartIvo

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i already PM u about it.

Initial issue was asked and answered. Please DM the controller for incident specific issues going forward.