Incorrect use of a command.

I didnt check who was controlling TNCM earlier today. Quickly left for fear of being ghosted.I’m one of those who advocate for instructions to be followed, but it becomes easy to follow rational instructions. As you can see below, I was already on final, and with tons of space in front of me. The controller suddenly decided to tell me to make a 360 for spacing. Spacing for who/what? The only reason I could come up with for this command was for me to give way for the plane behind me. I waited a while thinking that the controller might have made a mistake, but then the infamous words followed: ‘please follow instructions’. For fear of being ghosted, I left and I felt that my 30 minutes efforts of contributing to good piloting was flushed down the toilet.image


I think this is used to make a space to let departure traffic takes off. I have seen some controllers done that trick especially in a single runway airport.

As you can see, the departure traffic on the airport itself is already packed. So the ATC needs to clear some space to let planes on the ground to take off first before accepting more inbounds 😊


If that’s the case, he should’ve told SAA to slow down


Unless then, but at least 2 pilots could still take off.

ATC can not give you a 360 command when you are on final. Either have the aircraft behind you slow down or make him go around which wouldn’t be the most ideal command.


Good point. Next time check the controller. We can only learn from this.


When you dont know who the controller is please contact a supervisor or Tyler Shelton a thread is still not needed at all.

I was controlling, stand by and I’ll explain the situation I’m just a little busy at the moment.



This is true. Hmm maybe some more training for this controller?

The controller can’t give a 360 on short final 8 miles is hardly a short final.


The controller most likely did this due to conflicting departures. Just because you don’t see the reason doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Just follow instructions.


Also judging by the spacing it’s pretty safe to assume you had a connection issue and just popped up right there.


You hit the nail on the head! That aircraft showed up out of nowhere for both approach and tower! It didn’t make sense to jerk everyone else around to accommodate someone with connection problems.


MaxSez: This is not a command problem! This is a recurring “Flow Control Problem” Particularly on the Expert Server. One solution is the requirement to utilize “Holding Patterns/ Stacks” for in bound traffic at hi-tempo “B’s”. The Hold Procedure and implementation should be required learning for rookie Pilots/Controller as they matriculate and part of the testing procedure for advancement to IFATC. Flow Control instruction/procedures should also include an IF procedure change; Mandatory Airliner routing via airways utilizing E/W Rules and Mandatory Flight Plan Filing when operating in Controlled Airspace, VFR included.


This was a connection issue -_-

It was a connection issue nothing to do with what you have said. He had disappeared from radar for a while, reappeared & he failed to follow instructions afterward. Now I think this should be closed & followed up in DM.


I will wait for @Dean.Gibson to explain what happened, but as @GHamsz as already said i really think it is a connection problem

You can’t get ghosted if you do what ATC says, if you’d 360’ed it would have been fine

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: The initial narrative did not cite a loss of Comm or connection. As noted this is a recurring Flow Control issue at Hi-Tempo B’s.
You either wait on the rwy or on Stack. Stacking is more efficient! Like to discuss it meet me on PM. Regards Max


MaxListenz… unfortunately, the hold command has a very frustrating random issue. Every once in a while (frequent enough to be a pain in the butt) the hold goes to the wrong aircraft! When it’s busy this is a real pain, because you have to track down the aircraft the command went to and correct it. All this while everyone else needs attention. As a result, I won’t use holds until this issue is resolved.