Incorrect times in the ATC log/menu

Hello everyone,
today when I was approaching Kuala Lumpur I noticed something unusual. In the ATC communication history the times were incorrect.

For example it shows, that the controller sent the command at 17:05 and I did read back at 17:03. Any idea why this happened?



Maybe IF is a time machine?
No seriously, I have never seen this. May be a technical issue.


@schyllberg, do you have an explanation for this?

I have Never seen this before as @Philippe_Gilbert has already mentioned

@Philippe_Gilbert no need to tag devs for no reason. As he is head of the #support he will get a notification ;-) Also remember, staff have a life

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If you have never seen this before, I’m not sure why you’re commenting. It’s not helping.

The most likely reason for this is the clock on either the ATC or pilot side is off. Simple as that.
I just tried it myself:


What do you mean by clock is off?

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Either yours, or Juan’s clock is off by 1-2 minutes.

I was able to repro this myself as you can see, by turning off Date/Time Automatically & rolled the clock back a few minutes.

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Ok, thank you!


Simplest reason is always the most likely one to be the correct one :)