Incorrect Speed Violation

Ok this is very stupid. I was going Mach .80 at 37,000 feet. Not only was my altitude dropping for some reason, my speed was incorrect. Why did I get a violation for going Mach .80 at 37,000 feet? This is very frustrating.

The autopilot was set at mach 0.80, but as the throttle indicates, it was trying to slow down and hence the aircraft may be over M0.87.


But you can see the speed at the bottom, which was 322 knots airspeed.

It’s only 322 knots at FL310 which is about M0.86 which is perfectly fine.

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Thats waaayyy too high for your altitude. Plus you weren’t flying level. Looking at your altitude at the bottom of your toolbar, you’re at 31,200ft and in a rather steep descent.


37,000 feet? From KSNA-KDAL? How is it? My real life flight last night was in this exact same aircraft and we went up to 37,000 feet. Same route. Please explain.

It doesn’t matter if it’s high or not point he is trying to make is that he got a incorrect violation. And also his plane is going doing when the V/S is 0 which makes no sense.

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You’re not looking at all of the information buddy.

And that is my other issue. It keeps doing that all of a sudden and also goes way off course which I do not know why.

What is that other info I need to be looking at? I am confused.

Didn’t you make this topic? Pilot error.

As with all other violation issues, these are generally cause by pilot error. I have never, as well as many more, have not gotten violations simply by flying under the red tape, and at a level flying attitude.


That was 7 days ago and a completely different route.

Ok regardless of my speed, why did my plane go off course and keep circling around SoCal and why did it drop 6,000 feet and not stop? Like for real. This makes no sense.

Your airspeed is 320kts IAS at FL370, right?

Winds are a big factor. When you’re AFD it’s easy to get caught in a wind that makes you overspeed

Yes that is correct. That was around the highest I had planned, though I couldn’t calculate it perfectly.

Did the autopilot disengage previously due to dangerous maneuvers?

And we have found the issue to your violation. Your IAS is too high for the altitude at which you were flying. Case solved. âś…

If it’s 320kts at FL370 then thats way too fast, it should be maximum around 270. At FL310 it still makes sense.