Incorrect speed reading

I couldn’t find another topic like this, but if there is I am sorry for duplicating it.

Sometimes when I am on the ground taxiing, I will notice that on the bar that displays my airspeed and such, doesn’t have the correct speed (I will work on getting a screenshot uploaded). Sometimes I will be stationary and it will say that I am going 18 knots (example) even though I am not moving at all. Other-times, I will increase throttle and the speed reading won’t change. This is annoying because I won’t know how fast I am going on the ground. It will usually resolve itself after takeoff so I don’t know what’s wrong.

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What is indicated there is your airspeed, so your speed relative to the air. If the wind is coming straight at you with 30 knots on your parking position, your Airspeed will show 30 knots but you aren’t moving relative to the ground.
I hope it makes sense to you, but what you are expiriencing isn’t a bug :)


Ohhh ok, thank you!

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The reason it displays 18kts airspeed while stationary is most likely that your facing the wind. While taxing I always use groundspeed to see how fast I’m going since its much more accurate while on the ground (hence the name GROUNDspeed). Then after taxing I make sure to look at airspeed.


I feel so dumb now lol

You’re just someone who hasn’t spend all their freetime reading about how instruments work, don’t worry xD


come on now, you’re not dumb. It took me a while to wrap my head arround how ground and airspeed work. There’s a lot to learn in aviation!!!


Took me a while to figure that out myself 😭
It also took me time to realize tailwind made me go faster and headwind slower

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