Incorrect Speed Limits.

Planes usually go over or around 500 in flight the most we can do is 349. Not realistic at all. Plus military jets should have violations to.

Hello, sounds like you are confusing airspeed and groundspeed. IAS is displayed in knots.


500 knots ground speed not airspeed, which is what triggers overspeed violations.

And no, military jets do not need overspeed violations. It’s quite common for military aircraft to exceed 250 knots below 10,000 ft. Introducing violations for this would be unrealistic.

Oops sorry my bad. I did do that.

Just for future reference:

What you are seeing for other users in the app, as well as in various real world flight trackers such as FR24 and FlightAware is ground speed.
The limit in Infinite Flight are based on IAS (Indicated Air Speed) and MMO (above FL280)