Incorrect session operations

I controlled EGCC expert atc tower Today for around 1 and half hour and my session operations count is showing incorrect after closing. There were number of operations I did but somehow it shows way too less, either 3 or 5. Please check, reported earlier also but no resolution

Device: iPhone Xr
Operating system: 16.1

Hi Parwinder. Did you receive the operations after finishing your session? Sometimes the operations count shows 0 for me but I still get them once I check on the home screen.

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Your single session at EGCC was broken up into four components, likely due to you swapping frequencies midway and/or having a brief disruption of your connection during the session.

The cumulative operations count was 95 operations. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t focus all your energy and time into how many operations you get each session. Just make sure your controlling quality is always at the proper standards.

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Thank you @Aiden_Forusz and @ToasterStroodie.
I had to restart 4 times in my session. One of the restart was to split ground and tower, and the other three was because of the glitch that I was not able to hear messages from pilots. I do prefer quality over quantity but at the same time i do agree that operations is what we get in return as an award for controlling. So, in order to make sure I don’t lose that I raised this issue. 95 count seems correct to me, I got afraid by seeing 5 count. Thank you so much for looking into this so detailed.