Incorrect Runways at KPIE

I wasn’t really sure that this fits in a category, so I put it under general. I can change it if needed. Today I was flying into St. Pete Clearwater Intl Airport (KPIE) and I noticed that there were four runway options. This being one of my local airports, I found it kind of bizarre that I wouldn’t have noticed that in real life before. When I did some research I found that there are only 2 runways at KPIE. It would appear that the other have been shut down and have not been used as runways, but as taxiways for quite some time. This airport is pretty significant, considering it is home to the largest Coast Guard Air Station in the US, and is referred as the “Birthplace of Commerical Air Transportation.” I have included some pictures of the IF map of the airport and the actual map of the airport, as well as a link to an airport information site.

IF Map

Satellite Map


When airports are updated by us airport editors they are not immediately in IF - they normally will update in the next update. I’ll check whether the current file (the one in global) is correct.

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I looked into it. Tell me if I’m looking at this wrong, but it looks like 4 runways to me.


4 runways? I can only see 2 in your picture…

The runways operational are 18/36 and 04/22. 09/27 is closed and 18R/36L is a taxiway. At least that’s what Google shows.

I believe you meant to say 18R/36L, but that sounds right

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No, 18/36 is operational according to the most recent published diagram.

18R/36L as you see it is now taxiway Alpha.


18L/36R became just 18/36.
18R/36L became a taxiway

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It looks like a taxiway to me in the image provided. I believe since it has been updated, it will get fixed in global

Don’t the green paths represent runways?

I believe those are just lights, but an airport editor would know this better than I do… Maybe one could confirm.

Ok cause the taxi ways aren’t outlined like that

Maybe I misread your comment. Oh well, we’re all on the same page.

Anyway, I’m honestly not sure if Support is the right category for this. I don’t say that as a category cop, but just because I honestly don’t know if maybe there’s an editors account that should be tagged or something.

Does anyone know if there’s a tag akin to Support @ FDS… such as Editors @ whatever or something?

If it was a runway before it would look different from regular taxiways.

@Tim_B I don’t think so, maybe we could just invite a couple to the topic?

I didn’t put it in the support category, someone else edited it to that.

There isn’t one currently.

I’ve just informed the rest of the team in our Slack group. :)


And that should do it :)

Thanks for the report. I’m sure the Airport editing team will fix it!

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Thanks for contacting #support! I’ve reviewed the airport in where you reported the problem, and indeed there’s an issue and I’ll be fixing it as soon as I get time.

Thanks for the report!