Incorrect Runway colouring


I’ve recently discovered an issue where the runway colouring from the ATC Menu did not correspond to the runway colouring from the map; here’s an image to show you what I mean:


As you can see, RWY19 is coloured green on the ATC Menu, whereas it is coloured red on the map (which makes more sense because 19 is parallel to 18s).

I have experienced this issue before, however I am not entirely sure how to reproduce this issue, I’ve been trying for a bit and experimenting at different airports but this just seems to happen when there is a change in METAR - which is quite hard to test and reproduce because I cannot anticipate when the METAR will change.

I managed to get this issue on two devices (without actively trying to reproduce the issue however):

  • iPad Pro 12.9” (running iOS 12.0)
  • iPad Pro 10.5” (running iOS 12.0.1)

If anyone can reproduce this issue, or have experienced this issue, feel free to reply to the thread.

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Hi thanks for the report. This one seems to come and go. I will be sure to add this to the list for our beta testers to keep track of. Thanks again, Chris