Incorrect procedures at update

The update didn’t really exceed my expectations, I thought that in this long waiting time of half a year, the update wouldn’t have errors, or perhaps small errors, but it WASN’T SO.

I don’t understand how they did the SID STAR and APPR system, if they did it based on the published CHARTS (that this must be the right thing) or where did they get them from?

then see the charts, and compare with the Infinite Flight system, in the STAR “MEX5A” you need a Fix “D321W”. second point seen in the chart and they really let it pass?

or another example, one of APPR “ILS DME 1 RWY 05R” after VOR SMO, they had to add Fix D248H and omit fix CI051 which isn’t at the chart.
like after PLAZA in this appr MEBIP isn’t going. ok RW05R goes but it really sends me to URKK.

as well as a super important thing. 3 firms are missing in MEXICO, “MERIDA CENTER”, “MONTERREY CENTER”, “MAZATLAN CENTER”

lot of errors in SIDS, it wasn’t a job well done, but it was a job done without logic or reason.


Keep in mind Infinite Flight isnt here to be 100% realistic. Now, you can use these to be as realistic as you can be, but nothing will be 100% realistic.


Everything won’t be PERFECT


We didn’t check every single procedure if that’s what you’re asking, no.
This data is based on NAVBLUE data, which is generally extremely accurate and have added a lot of new, incredible navigation data on our table.

Some things maybe off, but it will be updated :)


Well said @Fernando_Carbajal

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Hey @Fernando_Carbajal,

I definitely feel your point, as I think that we all expect everything to be perfect.

However, if the developer team were to go and test every single SID and STAR, I think the update would be pushed back about a year.

If you are really looking for an ultra-realistic experience, you could enter the waypoints of the plate manually to get everything to your standard.


Hey Fernando, thanks for your feedback, I’m one of the devs working on this feature.

This is a first iteration with a new data provider and we haven’t been able to test every airport around the world. There may be some gaps in the data, normally depending on what information the country has available, but we’d like to fill these as quickly as possible.

I’ll take a look into this and chase up what’s missing here to see why that has happened. Thanks for your post and for bearing with us


divine , We will wait for the settlement of these



I fully support Fernando’s point, it seems to me that we have every right to report the errors found in the update, since it was a long wait and in which we were filled with many expectations, which were not exceeded, at least For the Mexican sector, a very poor update was felt, this speaking of navigation, it should be remembered that the simulator is made up of communities around the world, therefore we deserve the same attention, whether we are Mexican, American or from any region of the world.


Hey Sebastian!

No one is saying you cannot voice your opinion or report issues. In fact, both of those things are encouraged! If you find a problem with the simulator, you are always more than welcome to post a topic in #support, and a staff member will be able to log that issue. In terms of voicing your opinion, all criticism is appreciated by the team as long as it is constructive.

As Cameron, one of the developers working on this aspect of the simulator has said, this is the first iteration, and the navigation will be improved later on to ensure that there is as much coverage for accurate data as possible. I hope you can appreciate that it is impossible to go through every airport and check every SID/STAR to ensure that it is accurate. As I said previously if you find any discrepancies then feel free to post them on the forum.


Clouds are already being developed by the team. Head over to, scroll down and you’ll be able to see posts about clouds being in development.

In terms of taxi lights, runway lights etc, after Project Metal is complete the developers will be able to add those things into the simulator. The team is aware of how wanted they are in the community and are building a “foundation”, which is Project Metal, to allow these things to be added into the simulator :)

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Of course, I understand the point and I know that it is impossible to enter each airport and check that everything is fine, the intention is not to attack anyone, it is only to enter because we had very high expectations. I trust that everything will be solved so that we all enjoy the two new reworks that came in this update.


Some South Eastern European centers were incorrect as well

europe fir