Incorrect plane position on maps

Hey all!
While flying lately, I’ve noticed the layout of the ILS/GPS cones are not the same on both maps like they should be. This has happened numerous times, below is one example.

According to the minimap on the bottom left, my plane is just outside of the ILS cone.

However, the big map shows my plane in the ILS cone.

Device: iPad 5, iOS 11.0.2
Thank you!

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I believe this is a known issue.

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yeh i have noticed this before

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same here. They’ll probably fix it in the near future

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They did mention that they are going to rework the maps.

The plane is in the same spot on both. The length of the cone is different. This is a known issue.

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This might be a good time to note that the cone is a visual aid, not the localizer or the glidescope.

Both HUD indicators for those two intercepts are unaffected, thus so is landing.


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