Incorrect passenger capacity on all a320 family

Hello, it seems to be a incorrect passengers capacity on the a319, a320 and a321 in Infinite Flight.

a319 passengers capacity in Infinite Flight: 136 pax
According to Airbus own website max pax seating: 156 pax

a320 in Infinite Flight: 175 pax
According to Airbus: 180 pax

a321 in Infinite Flight: 239 pax
Airbus own webiste: 220 pax

I think it would be a nice with correct capacity as it would bring a little more realistic feeling to the a320 family and hopefully this is something that can be a quick fix in the future. Thanks.



A321ceo is 220pax, A321neo is 240pax

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But we don’t have a321neo in the game so

I know but the number of seats is different on CEO and NEO even though it’s the same “plane”

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but Spirit’s A321ceo takes up to 227 PAX


I think the A321 is ok. But the A319 and A320 should be more focused.


I Think the Airbus A320 Family Needs a Rework


Seriously? maybe 230 but 240 is too much for an A321ceo


Agree with you

They need a rework, but changing the pax numbers is something that Laura can do without needing a full rework


I’m ok with whatever the pax is. As long as I get to fly it. 🙂


That’s fine, but for me I would like it to be realistic

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No problem. If you want it realistic have it realistic.

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yes, but as I remember these versions take more PAX, because there is no Galley

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Yes, but I say that it really needs, like correction of the Winglets, some in the Flaps, real sounds and update of liverys

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Keep in mind every airline has their own aircraft configuration and capacity. Laura likely averaged or picked an operator to base them off of. Your numbers may be high for some and low for others. I recommend doing a quick wiki search for whatever operator you’re using and try to match their figures if you’re going for a “full bus”.


Actually, the 320 has capacity for 186 pax

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I understand that some airlines have different configuration on their airplanes and that is something I check on Planespotters every time I make my own Simbrief profile to add some realistic, and therefore I think it would be a nice little tweak to add some extra passengers.

British Airways a320 capacity: 177 - 180 pax (depends on the aircraft)
Lufthansa a320: 168 - 180 pax (also depends on the aircraft)
Easyjet a320: 180 - 186 pax
Air France: 174 - 178 pax

Four major a320 airlines in Europe

What about airlines in the US?
United a320: 150 pax
Delta a320: 157 pax
American Airlines a320: 150 pax
Jetblue a320: 150 - 162 pax

This shows that there are some big differences how the European airlines and the american airlines choose to config their a320s. Also if people want to and this is something I do is that they can make they own profile on simbrief and choose whatever max passenger that airline/aircraft can bring. See here for example:

Most of my config is based on the registration that we have on in the sim

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Also, a220 has a pax capacity of 160 in Infinite Flight when most of the airlines in real world only have config up to 145 - 149

You could also just not fill it all the way up. It doesn’t make that big of a difference.

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