Incorrect parking position

Hey guys, me and my friends @elia_giudici @Davidson2000 @Laminar have noticed this bug about parking position.

As you can see in these pictures the parking positions are incorrect for me, and for the other two my friends are correct.

Photo my @Mattia_Bordoni

Photo by @Laminar

In the first picture the aircraft were further and in the second picture the aircraft were more on the left, please correct this bug!

Where is this? The spawn points aren’t placed properly…

This was at EGKK and EHAM, probably the parking position was different for each of us in our different devices…

As you can see in the first picture 3 aircraft were further than one, this means that the line of the parking was further

Someone from the IFAE team will most likely file a report for this to be fixed.


Maybe @Laminar?

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