Incorrect Live Landing Count

I have recently bought live+, I have only completed a few flights but I checked my profile and It says I have 161 landings, but I should only have around 10

I am using a iPhone 5s on the latest version of IF



Take a screenshot and post let me see .


This happened to me as well when I first got live+. I checked my account (I didn’t do any flights yet on live) and it said I had 100+ landings.


I had 164 landings when I got Live+, confused where I got them from

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I suspected that it was from solo, but I’m not sure about that.


I didn’t think of that

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Pm David he will look at this , thanks .

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Did you check the app?

The website is known to show wrong info


This happened to me too. Might be an issue but Can’t complain.

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I believe it’s from solo.

Yeah it’s the same on the app

Ok, i’m happy my past solo efforts are transferred

I have a similar issue, but with LiveFlight. It says I have 28 violations, when in reality, I only have 5.

It’s the mist in front of your eyes making you believe what you want to believe in… It’s time to see the reality.

No, it’s not 😂. I got a friend to check, so we spawned on the same server and he clicked my aircraft in the map and it showed that I had 5 violations.


Why does your IF look like that?

That’s the IF website and I am pretty sure that landings or hours from solo onto your live stats. I have had solo for most of my IF career so I can say that none of my landings nor flight hours from solo transferred over. Most likely what your seeing is a little bug on the website… Maybe someone like David could give u a much clearer explanation

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It’s the website.

Hmm, I also think that the landing counts are including the landings you did at Solo. But maybe David may give us the exact reason regarding this issue.

It shows the same on the app, a few more now because I’ve been flying