Incorrect Landings Count on Live

Hello, I asked a friend to take a picture of my online stats yesterday and the amount of landings was very off. Here is the picture

This is way off . I have over 550 as shown here
I am also grade 4 which means that at the minimum I would have to have over 250 online landings which is more than what was shown on the screenshot my friend took. Please, someone help!


Anyone know how to fix this?

I have this same problem also!

It’s so annoying

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Hello @David_Hopkins !

I think that you need to wait a few (minutes/hours) then your stats are going to be refreshed ;-)

Hope that I have help you !

Have a great day !

Thanks but my landing count is off by 300 and has been for a while. It hasn’t logged flights from months ago

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Please do not tag the developers. I believe a wise man Carson told me once to talk to @david for these issues.

My bad. I thought it was ok if I first asked everyone on the community if they knew how to fix the problem.

No problem, everyone makes mistakes. For the record, my landing count is off by 400. ;)

@david can you help me with this bug

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