Incorrect infinite flight m

Has anyone experienced a bug/issue in infinite flight where the flight time is not correct. While taking off, I started a stop watch to measure my flight time and it doesn’t match up with my flight time on infinite flight :
Stopwatch time : 2:01 hours
IF flight time : 1:35 hours

If anyone know why this happens or how to fix it, I would appreciate it

Damn, that’s classy. Though my watch tells me that no measuring device is perfect, which is weird because it should say 21:54. But anyways, are you sure your flight wasn’t paused and that your stopwatch doesn’t have any issues with accuracy, at least compared to the (also not perfect) clock of your device?

I believe the IF flight time is Takeoff-Landing (time in the air)

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@InfiniteflightproYT is correct, flight time doesn’t start rolling the timer until your wheels come off the ground.


Yep, IF doesn’t count taxi time. Most IRL flight schedules build in taxi time to the flight time.

For example, on my flight home to Charlotte from Detroit, it was a total of 1hr 36min on the plane, but only 1hr 11min of actual flying. 25min of taxi time.


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