Incorrect ILS Heading for Runway 05 at EHLE

Here it says that the runway heading 226° is but i have to fly heading 46°

The heading of runway 05 and 23 are mixed up becous i am now flying heading 226° and i fly away from the airport
How to reproduce:
Chose EHLE and select landing runway 05, Not runway 05L
Play and you see that it as th wrong heading.

Asus ME301T
Androit 4.2.1
IF version latest


Thanks for reporting, I will fix it


Thanks @Freddiefrogs for eddeting
And thanks to @dush19 for the fast responce

Actually after some research, it is not runway heading but it the heading of the ILS which is wrong

Ohh o see i made a mistake, im sorry @dush19

Was gonna make a post about this , lucky I found it !

But the heading of the ILS is still incorrect


Noticed it too. 226° instead of 47°.
That’s the heading for the opposite side. :)
Must be a typo.


@david: How is me confirming the issue a ‘solution’?
And why can’t I uncheck ‘Solution’?

Its not your topic so you cant :/

THAT makes sense! Should’ve thought of that myself. TNX!! :)

But now, back on topic, the bug isn’t fixt yet it is still thear

The heading is 46 in both the navigation and airport files. It’ll be fixed in the next update.