Incorrect ILS & GPS Approaches Available

It has come to my attention that some airports in IF have an ILS Approach for a certain runway when it should be a GPS Approach and vice versa. For example: Runway 27 at KSAN has an ILS Approach when it should have a LOC Approach, as an ILS Approach doesn’t exist for this runway. Runway 34/16 should have an ILS Approach available at both ends (They even have a CAT III IRL), but instead it as a GPS Approach at both ends. Since they exist in the game, there are bound to be more just like them.

This topic has already been discussed before (so I encourage you to go and read it), but this was almost 2 years ago:

Since these issues still exist in IF, I was wondering if there has been any discussion of correcting these incorrect approaches in the future.

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You can help by joining the airport editing team I linked above and help make these corrections.

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Thanks! I wasn’t aware that you could change Approaches as an Airport Editor.


You’ll have to also speak to a supervisor about navigation editing, which is a separate thing. The navigation editors do these sorts of things, however you have to join IFAET first.


ILS approaches that aren’t in the game can indeed be fixed by airport editors, however IF doesn’t currently support LOC approaches so the only options are a generic GPS or an ILS at the moment.

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Just because I’m curious: Is it even possible to include none of them? I mean for airports which do not have straight-ins IRL. Had a situation recently at LSGS where I was inbound visual and had to fly around a mountain that was blocking the approach path. I coincidentally was perfectly on the GPS-glide, yet I received a warning from ATC to check my assigned RWY. Not a big deal, but at some airports it simply isn’t possible to do a straight-in.

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No, a GPS Approach will always be generated automatically by IF


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