Incorrect Hangars at OMDB

I’ll keep this short and simple :)

As a person who’s known Dubai for 18 years of my life, I’ve seen Emirates’ aircraft constantly move in and out on the north side of the airport. They’ve handled all their fleet right up to the A380.

They all look like this:

Teeny tiny issue when you spawn in though:

I hope the editors take note of this and rectify it as soon as they can! If needed, I can provide information on what size of hangars are to be placed where :)


From all the airports I’ve seen so far it seems curves in the vertical plane are not possible right now, thus a curve like this would require a custom model or added functionality.


Yessir I know curves are not easy at the moment. That sacrifice however is acceptable for sure considering DXB’s very iconic terminals are boxed as well. The inner dimensions, however, would be none other than cubical only and they can get that right! :)

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They should honestly just remove any hangars in which have spawns

Vice versa, remove any civil spawn inside a hangar. No civil aircraft will ever start its flight inside a hangar, they are all towed to a parking spot before.

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Besides that, I think devs could work more details at OMDB. It deserves this. Terminals and the Tower need to be reworked. Major hub that many VAs fly there frequently!

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Noted internally