Incorrect Grade/Violation

I’m trying to log in for a flight now and it’s saying that I have 6 violations???
The last flight I did was from Montreal to Tel Aviv, and everything went smoothly. There were no violations to report. So I’m just confused as to where these violations came from.

Hoping you respond soon.

Try to access your logbook and see if these violations are indeed valid. You can find it in the main menu in the bottom left of your screen.

So I just checked and it’s showing a flight from Tel Aviv last night???
I’m not sure how that’s even possible because my iPad was locked in my storage locker until this morning when I came back on base.
Makes no sense to me.

Any Mods that see this post please help me out!!!
This needs to be fixed.

Hi, I reviewed your logs and seen that you flew for 29 minutes. You departed from LLBG and never arrived anywhere. The first violation began and then for another 2 minutes you didn’t respond to the conditions. Descending is one of the critical phases of flight that the pilot needs to be focused on, in this case when descending below 10,000 you have to be with your device to ensure that these things don’t occur.

If you believe that this isn’t your flight then we think it would be best for you to update your password for your Google Login which is used to verify your account in IF. Please avoid sharing account information such as emails and passwords.


Thanks for responding.
No one has my login info, and like I mentioned my iPad was locked away on base until I returned this morning. So there’s no way anyone would be able to access it. Only my ID card unlocks my iPad, no one else’s.

The last flight I took was from Montreal to Tel Aviv yesterday. No other flights were setup or attempted by me. So there’s no way a flight would take place for 29mins and go no where. That’s impossible.
This need to be reversed please.

The Montreal flight was from the day before. The device used is the same one that was used for the LLBG flight with an iPad and the same IP address.

The Montreal flight took place yesterday I took off just around 2330 on 21JAN19 and landed around 1330 on Tuesday 22JAN19.
That was about 20 mins before I left the base.
I’m not sure what IP address you’re seeing, but per my SOP(which I signed an agreement to, which is also tied into my contract) my iPad gets turned off and locked away once I leave base. So again I assure you, there is no way that anything could’ve taken place on my iPad. Nothing at all.
I’m barely ever on here for a complaint, but when I do have one I would like it to be fixed especially if it’s something that’s paid for. I know you guys work tirelessly to make for a smooth operating system and I appreciate that, but if I’m coming to you with a complaint, please do fix it. Please.

what does your actual flight log show on your ipad?

EDIT: also have a look in Settings->Screen Time on your iPad as that should show a record of useage on IF.

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If they sign an agreement, I think this probably isn’t their fault…

every time i go into expert it says to many atc reports. this was my cousin spamming and now i cant play grade 3 game even thought my XP is 124,000 please take these violations away

Hello, these are reports and they can’t be removed unless it was not a legitimate ghosting which should be done immediately after it happens. For this reason check your logbook and see when the 1st ghosting happened and after one year from that date you should get access providing you dont get ghosted any more times.

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It’s not the developers’ responsibility to maintain the integrity of your login credentials among your family members.


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