Incorrect Ghosting

I got onto the runway and my app closed but I didn’t have to restart it ( used the term crashed wrongly in my last explanation) and I continued take off. I was with my device and auto pilot was all set up. While still watching the device, I noticed my altitude and speed indicators had froze. I waited and then my game crashed and so I closed down my device and turned it off. I went back onto infinite flight a couple of minutes later to practice landings on solo - which is when I realised I had been ghosted and was given 5 violations. I was instructed by someone in BAVA to check the replay which is when I discovered that it was from over speed. My conclusion was that the aircraft was still somehow flying after my game crashed which was around FL140. I had no knowledge the aircraft was still flying after the game crash and so I had no control over it.

The replay would end surely if the app crashed?

Use this website to upload the replay so it can be viewed:


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