Incorrect flight time while controlling

Version Information

You can find this in the About page of Infinite Flight. Example: 21.01 (1052)

21.01 (915)

Device Information

Example: iPad 8th Generation, iOS 14.2

iPad Air 4th Gen, IOS 14.4.1

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?



Describe issue here

Under the information page for a pilot/aircraft shown while controlling (accessed through clicking on the plane on the radar and the show information), the flight time shows the total session time for pilot rather than actual flight time.

Steps to reproduce

Happened to two of my pilots in same session but only appeared once the flight time part appeared (after the file complete flight plan). Have yet to control again so can’t say if this was just a one time thing.

Expected results

Describe the expected result

The flight time section shows actual flight time.

Actual results

Describe what actually happened. Example: app crashed when pressing “Fly” in the main menu

It shows total session time instead once flight plan has been put in.

More Information

Has occurred in the other atc sessions I have had since I first made the topic.

Hello there, This has always been the case , it shows the user information not the flight information therefore it will show the flight time of all flights of the user so its not an issue regarding the new beta.

I am talking about the flight time at the bottom of the column, not the user stats. The one I am talking about is at the very bottom.