Incorrect date

So i was flying a IFAEGAF mission and i noticed in the time & date setting that the date was incorrect. The date should have been the 13th not the 12th
also i live in new zealand not australia so thats why my time is ahead on my phone.
Route: YSRI - YMAV C130 (Stayed in australia the whole time)

You must have been flying over Australia.

I was but Australia is still on the same date as new zealand

Did you original start your flight in Australia, or did you start elsewhere?
Much like real life, IF doesn’t always automatically update the timezone you are in.

I started in australia and ended in australia

I am pretty sure the date is according to Zulu time which would be the day before

The dates are based on ZULU time - hence the fact Australia is technically a day ahead

It’s easy you just change it it’s not that hard all you do is change the date. But don’t ask me why the feature doesn’t quite work right.

I’m not able to reproduce this. My date and time is correct in Infinite Flight when compared to the real world date/time. Is anyone else having the issue?

I believe the date is based on UTC time. Not a problem at all in IF’s part.

Since Melbourne Time is 10h ahead of UTC, it would be Sep 12, 22:00Z + 10h = Sep 13, 08:00L, so it is working as it is supposed to

@James_Browne, you can try flying around the same area again and the date should reflect as Sep 13 by now.


Yep. You’re correct. I just spawned in on solo in Honolulu, and its still the 12th. But in app it says the 13th. UTC right now is 0517Z… the next day which would be the 13th as depicted.

Thanks dude!


Oh ok thanks for the explanation

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