Incorrect color at KDEN?

Hey there! While controlling at KDEN (so many noobs), I noticed a glitch.

The airport marking is red, meaning VFR landings are not allowed because of low visibility.

But look at the sky!

Can someone help? Thanks!


The weather probably wasn’t loading up correctly.

Was the weather connection green?

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System of Landing for Instruments (ILS), what helps the pilot during the landing when the visibility is goes down

It shows a green check in the top right corner of the screen, so I would assume that the weather connection is fine.

IRL we had some fog this morning, the METAR was right, but for some reason seems to have not loaded correctly. 🤔

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The METAR reads 1/4 viz with low ceilings. That’s why it’s red.

It’s just going off the METAR. I don’t know exactly how that translates into the visible view in IF, which doesn’t have clouds, but the METAR and the color match.

So it’s not “the weather connection being red” or anything like that. IF doesn’t have clouds and the tower is below the ceiling.

[Yes, I get that you shouldn’t see the Sun. I’m just saying the METAR is there and the viz correctly translates to IMC. Whether IF is able to visually render that from the tower is a different story.]


Ive always wondered what the dots in the airport names mean, can someone explain?

The search bar is your friend next time use it.


Always seem to pop up…thanks

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