Incorrect Callsign/Livery Name Revision

Just like the absent/missing callsigns I think spelling and capitalisation errors should be fixed too. The list is below (please post other errors below or edit the wiki below).

###Both Livery and Callsign Listing Names
JetStar - Jetstar
TigerAir - Tigerair

###Callsign Only
Pakistan Airways - Pakistan


Jetstar and TigerAir are both there…

Tiger Air is: GoCat

And Jetstar is: Jetstar

This is incorrectly written callsigns (in the callsign list) or livery names (in the aircraft list). The other is missing callsigns from the callsign list.


Well, based on what @Henrik_E told me in my “Absent/Missing Callsigns” post, the cargo airlines might need revision.

Emirates Cargo Emirates
Etihad Cargo Etihad
Lufthansa Cargo Lufthansa
Turkish Airlines Cargo Turkish

In my opinion, the callsign list should list both airline and cargo names, with the same callsign. Just to make sure no-one thinks that the cargo callsigns are missing.


Etihad Etihad
Etihad Cargo Eithad


Also @anon31652286 you may want to reword your post, so it more accurately describes the callsigns. Right now it looks like Tigerair is the callsign for TigerAir. Instead, why don’t you put the callsign behind the revision

JetStar – Jetstar Jetstar
TigerAir – Tigerair Go Cat

Just a suggestion :)

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In IF the callsign for PIA is Pakistan Airway ____
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But in the real world it’s Pakistan ____
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