Incorrect approach procedures in expert server

I’m currently flying into Brussels in Expert server and EBBR being my home airport I noticed that approach was flying me in the wrong directions compared to the actual approach on runway 01. does this happen often?

PS : Not trying to be annoying or anything, i’m just curious. And also a bit disappointed because I really like that approach


Were you given vectors by ATC, or were you referring to the use of STAR’s on your FPL?

vectors from ATC

There’s your answer. ATC will not always follow IRL procs.

Chances are then that it’s not going to be 100% accurate and true to life. IFATC are trained simply to provide air traffic services, and the use of a published vector system/STAR-Approach vectors are not mandated. Most of the time, controllers will simply be vectoring aircraft to the intercept angle of the ILS.


Okay I didn’t know that Thanks for the info!

Understandably controllers may not know the exact local procedures as well as those who are from there so they simply apply standard services to keep traffic moving. That said, most controllers love pushing realism and would welcome a PM from you offering some first hand experience! Check your log to see who is controlling and connect with them here on the forum. 🙂


If traffic is light, and your flightplan won’t interfere with other aircraft, we usually let you follow it all the way in.

A few things to be aware of…
Your flightplan needs to make sense for the approach you’ve asked for. For example, If you ask for an ILS approach, and your flightplan doesn’t provide a reasonable entry to acquire the localizer, we will pull you off the flightplan and vector you in with a heading that is appropriate for the runway.

If it’s very busy, we may pull you off and line you up in a pattern we’ve created to help manage spacing. It is possible to let a few people fly their patterns, and zipper others in around them, but that usually results in less than optimal spacing. The patterns we use when traffic is heavy are designed to provide many points where we can modify spacing.

You may also have your runway changed. If busy, and you’re arriving from the north but have asked for the south runway, we may change you to a runway better suited for a north approach.

So you can see there are many reasons why we may move you off your planned flight.