Incorrect Airport Layout at KFRG

KFRG, aka Republic Airport in the New York region, seems to be missing a couple of things. One would be the Nassau Flyers ramp. This has its own taxiway, and is an important part of the airport. Another would be another ramp, with a taxiway through it that leads to Nassau Flyers.

Also, the ramp I am parked on in the screenshots from IF does not seem to exist. @Kilt_McHaggis

Not to mention the fact that all the taxi lines seem to be runway hold’s. I’ll add it to the issue tracker, thanks :)


@Henrik_B says it was fixed, but not pushed…

Just noticed that, I’ll get a screenshot of what Henrik did and what will be pushed in the next update (hopefully).

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Now that’s more like it! All I need now is a Talon Air livery

Need to take the white lines off the building. I can get this done tomorrow if it doesn’t get done earlier. Just finished putting in the new runway into the KORD model. Would like to get it complete by end of weekend. I will also publish the schenatic for this one tomorrow in the kiltmchaggis wiki

Completed Airport done by @henrik_berg