Incorrect active/away status


I’ve recently noticed a issue with the status function. Usually, when I’ve not touched the device for hours, Infinite Flight (on someone else’s end) shows me as active or away for a few minutes. Is this a bug, and is there any fix to it? :)



I am not sure about your question?

Do you mean it shows you as being Away when you are active or active when away?

Keep in mind that you must be away (not touching the screen) for 2 minutes + before the Away description shows up


not an issue of active/away.

As far as a solution, I’m not sure, sorry!

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It shows me as active when I’m away, or away for a incorrect period of time. See above please.

I smell 🐞, either way schyllberg should come to rescue soon.

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I’ve noticed this. Most times I’ve noticed people circling above airports I’ve seen their activity status is literally a few minutes, which with the experience of not waking up to alarms myself a lot over the years, I know what I dont just leave my device if I wake up to my flight overhead at my destination. I don’t generally take screenshots of people circling past their destination at cruise, these were both just friends I managed to capture, both yesterday and when Manila was featured the other week.

I highly imagine this user wasn’t at their device whilst they were circling. I could ask them if needed.

Also do the minutes away start after 2 minutes of activity, or from the last moment the screen was touched? This user was definitely not at their device at this moment in time. Unless there is a maximum amount of hours the simulator can display? Most I’ve seen is 2 hours to my memory.


I’ve noticed this as well

Ok if we can get something reproducible that will be a start. This helps more than “I’ve seen it too”

Do you see it on yourself or are others seeing it on you?
Can we get some details?

Others are seeing it on us. Even though we‘ve not touched the device for a while, Infinite Flight shows the user as active or away (for a inaccurate amount of time, like 5 minutes instead of 1hr etc).

Ok I will see if I can get something reproducible

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Hey I think I might know the cause of this? I think it’s because they only count the minutes someone is away when you spawn in the server. For example, if you’ve been in the live server for only just 5 minutes, the other users away status will also show 5 min if they were away for that amount of time.

I just tried it out in the live server, and when I spawned in all the away aircrafts showed that they were only away for “0 min”…

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I have not had this happen to me when I’m flying but when I have been ATC I have noticed when people are descending without using VNAV but IF shows they are still away.

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Yeah, I know that. I was flying with a friend, so he had been in the live server for the same duration. However, he saw “away 5 minutes” although I had been away for over 2 hours.

I’ve noticed this often as well, away times that make zero sense whatsoever - mostly people who are overflying their destination and them showing up as being “(away for <10min)”

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