Incorrect A320 Family Sharklet Shape

Hi all.
Recently this bug has been starting to me. The Sharklet on the IF version seems to be slightly off. Will this get fixed in a future update?


Could you include a picture of the Infinite Flight sharklet to compare it to?


Yea sure, that’s my bad

Your real life picture is taken from slightly below with the IF picture being directly from the side. This can cause some optical illusions.


Ahh that explains it!

Not saying you’re wrong though. You could be correct. But the same angles needs to be used to make a fair comparison :)

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What about this view


It looks pretty similar if I’m being honest when you consider that the camera position is different

True. However the IF one looks more laid back.


IFs version does look slightly more slanted than the IRL version.


I agree. It needs to be more straight


this is what turns me off flying the a320 series

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You don’t fly any of the A320 aircraft because the sharklet is ever so slightly slanted off by a few degrees?

I must admit, I do agree. Sitting in the cockpit, I can’t help but spend ALL of my time looking back at the sharklet instead of flying the aircraft. I’ve nearly crashed a few times. To be honest, I don’t even look at the instruments anymore, it’s so distracting.


it looks like in IF he is taking off and in the real life photo he is not

I mean, when he says “turns me off”, I assume that doesn’t imply “I completely avoid” the A320? And besides, not every A320 Family aircraft has sharklets.

Do you just sit in one view for the entire flight while in autopilot?

What about in replays? Do you only watch the aircraft from the pilot’s perspective and not the passenger’s?

I have to agree with him, the A320 Family’s sharklets are off and creates a strange feeling when looking at them.


Also the sharklet of the A320 family doesn’t count with static discharges, I’ve already reported this on this topic but nothing has done to fix it as long as I know 🤷🏻‍♂️

The issue has been noted internally and hopefully will be fixed in the future. Thanks for the report!

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