Incorporate Real Life Air Traffic

I know that it is likely, but would it is possible to get live air traffic from or another data source for live air traffic in IF?

I work at Pensacola International Airport (KPNS) as a fueler, but also I have my private pilot license and working on my instrument rating and we have a lot of GA and Airlines, plus military aircrafts like the Navy T-6, T-45 and Air Force T-6, T-1 and more including a Flight school next-door which is pretty much always busy including right now as I type this and it would be cool to see live traffic while flying here locally and especially in areas where there isn’t a lot of users flying.

I didn’t see a topic for this, although I could have miss it, so I wanna apologize if there is a post about adding life air traffic in the IF already or the wrong category to ask this question. Thanks!!

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It would be a nice feature, definitely! This belongs in #features. However, as you are a basic user (trust level 1) , you will be unable to post here. #thirdparty:developer is for third party developers to post about projects. I did just find a topic. Is This what you are looking for? Thanks!

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Yes, thanks!

This would be cool - however there would have to be an option to turn it off at FNF airports or busy event/IFATC airports - otherwise that would be utter chaos.

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There are existing feature requests for AI aircraft and even live aircraft. Live aircraft on top of an already busy server can be confusing.