Inconsistent Stuttering and Lag

I’ve been experiencing stuttering and lag during short, inconsistent periods of time during Live and Solo flight. This stuttering and lag mostly happens on the ground, and if my aircraft is close to a runway, and is seen after a long flight when approaching an airport. This stuttering occurs on all aircraft and is more frequently observed while lining-up on a runway, regardless of the presence of an ATC. This period of stuttering lasts from 10 to 30 seconds.

This type of stuttering is only observed on my iPad Pro 12,9", and is not seen on my iPhone 7. A friend of mine also uses the same type of iPad and I’ve been able to reproduce it on his iPad as well. I do not use my iPhone 7 for flying, which could be the reason I haven’t experienced this type of stuttering on that device yet.

However, what I’ve noticed is that this stuttering is only seen when connected to a power supply - but this could be due to me also playing mostly when the iPad is charging.

I have restarted the device (multiple times), reinstalled IF, tried to lower the settings (which I don’t think is the cause as an iPad Pro is a high-end device). I have also tried clean restarting my iPad and the issue is still present. Closing apps before using IF does not solve the problem.

Since the stuttering is very inconsistent I have failed to pin point a cause for such lag and stuttering.

The device is an iPad Pro, 12"9, iOS 10.3.1 and has the latest public IF version.

One abnormality is that I found that my iPad has two extra buttons than my iPhone which are “Exit Diagnostic Mode” and “Send Log”. I assume I’m in some sort of a Diagnostic Mode, however I do not know if this is at all relevant my stuttering…

[details=Appropriate Settings]Terrain Quality: High
Airplane Quality: VeryHigh
Water Quality: Very High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Rendering Resolution: High
Limit Frame Rate: UNTICKED
Infinite Flight Connect: On[/details]

Any suggestions for fixes are greatly appreciated!

It is very problematic to record this stuttering on iOS… however if needed I’ll do my best to find a solution…

Limit frame rate disabled uses an insane amount of processing power and causes the device to heat up fairly quickly, which leads to iOS throttling down the CPU, GPU & screen brightness. How does it work if you have the box ticked?


Try lowering your graphics to low and try, if that does not work also make sure to clear RAM. This sounds more like your RAM is becoming full which causes this lag even on solo. How many apps do you have running at the same time or in the background with Infinite Flight?

@anon2063420 Please read the full thread as I’ve already tried the following!
@schyllberg Cannot confirm anything solid but will try to reproduce on a flight I’ll do right now. I haven’t experienced screen brightness going down, but as I said again will try to reproduce on a flight right now.

P.S. - Isn’t the name for “Limit Frame Rate” feature a little misleading? Pretty sure if it’s unticked it still locks on at 60fps?

I think it’s 60fps unticked, and 30fps ticked. I have the Pro 9.7 and can’t say i did experience any lag on the RTM. And i never have the Limit frame rate unticked.

Just done 2 flights and experienced very minor stutter on one of the flights at the hold short point. It does seem to help with the issue though.


It’s probably because it doesn’t actually cap the frame rate, but instead just focuses on using less processing power, which can actually have the opposite effect by increasing frame rate.

I might be wrong but that’s definitely what I used to observe on RTM.

I’ve done some more Solo flights and experienced no stuttering. Seems like @schyllberg’s fix worked. Thanks! :)


Seb wins again! Thanks, guys. :)