Inconsistent report

yesterday I was reported for not following the flight plan, but according to the image if I followed it, is there anything that can be done to reverse the report?

Yeah there’s a possibility you can. Looks like @mwe2187 ghosted you. You talk it out about what happened, what you can do, etc. hope it gets reversed :)

You were ghosted for following the flight plan. I still recommend PMing Michael if you want an explanation as to what really happened

EDIT: because you’re TL0, Michael will PM you to discuss it

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Take a closer look at the screenshot, it says “do not follow flight plan” this means that ATC have you vectors or instructors to follow that would lead you off your flight plan. Always follow ATC and if they instruct something you may have to leave your FPL

But since I don’t know the full story, talk with the controller @mwe2187


I’ve sent you a PM, we’ll continue the discussion there!


Thanks mwe