Inconsistent Late or Missing Stall Warnings on 777F

Your Callsign

_ Test Flight 123BC_

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

_iPad 7th Gen _
IOS 14.0.1


Tried to do several stall tests, and never got any stall warnings, even if clearly in a stall. However some times I’d get one, but really, really late

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Start flight in 777F, and takeoff.
  • Reach suitable altitude for a stall test
  • _Attempt to stall by either killing thrust, pitching nose straight up, or both.

Expected Results_

You’d expect to get a stall warning as you begin your stall.

Actual results

Stall warning never given, even though you will be in a clear stall. Or, you will get one way too late

More Information

Plane was the 777F. Replay of stall test available if needed

Couldn’t reproduce.

Galaxy A71
Android 10

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Unable to reproduce

iPad 6th Gen
iPadOS 14.0

Stall started at 15° AOA. Could you send a screen recording with AOA in the Status Bar

Can I get total weight? Might be able to repro if I have that.

I was at 25 % . Not sure of the actual numbers. Just clicked “light” weight preset

Unable to repro. Kept 15° pitch, used the following flaps/gear combos:

  • No gear, no flaps
  • Gear, no flaps
  • No gear, flaps 30°
  • Gear, flaps 30°

Stick shakers works as advertised.

Well this is getting a little upsetting because somehow I was able to stall and hit an airspeed of 50 knots without a stall warning. Y’all definitely think I’m crazy though

People also think I’m crazy for saying VNAV does not work above FL250. But I understand your point

Here is a replay if that helps anyone replicate. I know you wouldn’t be able to see the warning either way, but maybe it’ll help someone.

@Tsumia @tominski @nativetoalaska @Aviation2929 @Trio


Looking at the replay, I’m able to see the little hashmark on the replay bar, but the banner was not shown during flight.

Maybe I should change my title to “inconsistent” because you’re right. Some times I would get a warning at like 80, sometimes not at all

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What livery were you in when this happened?

Generic livery

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I try to do that one

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I was Able to reproduce this problem.

Samsung galaxy tab A
Newest update installed

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@bcc.123 now you are not crazy because someone was able to reproduce

Oh thank god this makes me feel much better. Do you think it has to do with the livery? I felt like there may had been an issue while I was flying the FedEx livery, and that’s why I did that test flight in the first place.

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I think it is the 77F in general because any livery I was able to reproduce

Alright thank you for your help I appreciate it

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You are welcome

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